Sacred Drum-Making Workshops  





  Sacred drum-making within the context of a partnership of 42 years

Dennis and Marcia Miranda have made drums and taught drum-making workshops for the past fifteen years.  They were part of the “back-to-the-land” movement during the 1960s, moving to Onion Creek, Washington, to build a homestead in the wilderness.  They raised three children and grew organic gardens, surrounded by nature and wild animals. This is where their inspiration for drum-making began.

Dennis has taught drum-making as part of workshops that included his sister, Arlene High Horse, Paula Gunn Allen, author of Sacred Hoop and Off the Reservation, and Rabbi Gershon Winkler of Walking Stick Foundation. Dennis personally made the drum carried by Zeren Tzain Bö, the thirteenth-level Buriat (Buryat) Shaman and master of all Buriat-Mongolian Shamans, as well as one for Nadia Stepànova, eighth level Buriat Shaman featured in the film “Where The Eagles Live.”

Dennis himself is a sundancer, pipe carrier, sweatlodge leader, and drummaker; Following this path has led him to a vision that all people need to seek their ancestors through the making of the drum.

Marcia and Dennis have traveled around the world, leading over 400 workshops in places as diverse as Ireland and Seattle, Italy and Eugene, Switzerland and Las Vegas.  Their students hail from many nations as well, with many participants from Europe, Israel, and of course the United States.  Dennis and Marcia love what they do, and have perfected their drum-making workshops over the years. People and families walk away from the workshops with both a beautiful drum and a strong connection to their ancestors.