Sacred Drum-Making Workshops  


  Some of our previous students have this to say:

“The drum talks to me all the time, and making it was the best.”

– Janet Gladheart, Santa Fe

“This drum that I made is my first musical instrument.  I love it.”

– Peter Clark, Ireland

“Making the drum with you guys was so fun … it really helped me to get in touch with myself and teach myself how to drum with a beat!”

– Susan Black, San Francisco

“Thank you for teaching me the drum and about bringing in my ancestors to help me.”

– Harriet Smith

“Thank you for taking me where I dare not go. I am so glad I went there!”

– Peggy

“It was so good to forgive without confronting the issues.”

– John J.

“I never realized that ancestors go back 65,000 years or more. It was so great to call on them for help with the making of the drum!”

– Zeek