Sacred Drum-Making Workshops  




  For a superior drum without attending the workshop

Marcia and Dennis Miranda have made drums for fifteen years, and are masters of the art. Their drums are used in ceremonies around the world and are in numerous private homes as well.  More than simply a piece of art, though indeed they are absolutely lovely, the drums display a level of craftsmanship that you'll have to see to believe; these drums are meant to be used and loved. When properly cared for, a Miranda Drum will last many generations -- and what better heirloom than a one-of-a-kind, custom-made Sacred Ancestral Drum?

A 13” or 15” drum, with drumstick, costs $350.  We will make the drum and send it to you. Shipping is additional and will be charged at our cost.

If there are specific circumstances under which your custom drum should be made, let's talk first. We will happily comply with the conditions necessary to produce your drum, although additional charges may apply.

Your purchase of a ready-made drum includes a pamphlet explaining the care of your drum as well as providing instructions for different ways of drumming:  the four sacred directions, meditating, trance, group, and many more that are very easy to learn and practice. 

Drum with Dennis:  A CD featuring Dennis Miranda’s instructions for drumming can be purchased for an additional $20.