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Sacred Drum-Making Workshops  




  Sacred Drum-Making Workshops

Join us in making your own personal, hand-held sacred ancestral drum, used by all cultures and all people.  These are not ordinary drums; they are made by you and are a way to connect with yourself and celebrate your ancestors.

The session takes approximately two to three hours, and is offered on a personal level or in a small-group setting.  (Discounts are offered for family and friend groupings.)

Cedar drum hoop, deer, elk or buffalo skin, drum head, deer lacing, and all other materials needed to create your own personal sacred drum will be provided.

If you are unable to attend a workshop, we also make custom drums that can be sent to you.

The cost of the workshop and your 13” or 15” drum, with drumstick, is only $300.

Along with the drum-making session we include a pamphlet discussing the care of your drum and instructions for many different ways of drumming:  the four sacred directions, meditating, trance, group, and many more that are very easy to learn and practice. 

Drum with Dennis:  To continue the work you began in your workshop, a  CD featuring Dennis Miranda’s instructions for drumming can be purchased for an additional $20.