Sacred Drum-Making Workshops  


  Learn, explore, enjoy, and grow in Magical Santa Fe

Santa Fe, where the High Desert meets the Southern Rocky Mountains, is a place of centuries-old adobe churches, plazas, wonderful restaurants, great hotels, and history galore.

Indians sell exquisite hand-made jewelry and pottery on blankets outside the Palace of the Governors on Santa Fe’s central Plaza.  The Loretto Chapel, where the faithful believe Christ himself built a miraculous staircase, is only minutes away. The narrow streets are lined with sleepy adobe homes, nestled behind hand-carved wooden gates.    Archaeological and written records chronicle the history of the three cultures most associated with this oldest state capital in the US: the Native Americans, who were here first, the Spanish, who came next, and the Anglos.  It seems that Santa Fe has always attracted musicians, artists, photographers, and writers, as well as those in search of physical and spiritual cures.  Today is no different, as visitors flock here to experience the old-world charm coupled with a kick-back pace that is uniquely New Mexican.

But it is the beautiful sun and crystal blue light that makes Santa Fe seductive, intoxicating, and magical.  It’s a great place to come and explore, and the perfect place to make your own sacred ancestral drum!