Sacred Drum-Making Workshops  


  People, places, and things of interest

Saq’ Be’: The Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies

Lady Marie Herbert: In addition to being an excellent speaker and fascinating writer, Lady Herbert is also a "Psychotherapist and Guide in Wilderness Rites of Passage."

High Feather Ranch: This local Bed and Breakfast is an amazing treat. Don't miss it!

Medicine Cards:  The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals.

Peter Norby Photography: Peter took many of the pictures on these web pages, and is an excellent neighbor to boot!

NearSea Naturals: Where you can find everything you need to sew, naturally! Another local business, though world-wide with the web.

Turquoise Trail Association:  The guide for exploring New Mexico's glorious Highway 14.

Engraving Master Series:  Learn to hand engrave from this series of DVDs.